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Our patio umbrella broke, and we would appreciate another one. Neutral colors preferred. Thank you!
Needing newspapers to cushion my dishes, glasses, and whatnot. Send me an address, a day, and instructions (i.e. "pick up on my porch", "they'll be on the side of the house", "come at 6:37 PM and text me when your 3-blocks away", etc.). Thank you.
Anything loose or attached to a piece of jewelry. Even if its broken. So I can pretty up my homemade jewelry
Looking for a little tykes doll house or something similar needs to be toddler friendly.
Looking for a queen bed frame. If you have one please let me know.
Greetings. We are looking for a pool lounge chair and bar height stools. We just moved and are in need a of a lot of furniture so if you have other items (tables, chairs, etc) please let me know - we may be interested
I'm looking for an exercise bike to start better myself since post menopause
Need 6 Stump Pieces. I am retired and working on a little project. I need 6 small pieces of stump. I need 2 about the same height (any diameter). Then I need another 2 about the same height (any diameter). The 2 sets don`t have to be the same. The other 2 it doesn`t matter the size. They can be anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches tall with diameter anywhere from 4 to 18 inches. It doesn`t have ...
In search of unwanted exercise equipment such as.....resistance bands, weights for women, hula hoop, exercise ball and exercise mat...jump rope. Anything appreciated
Looking for one or two 55 gallon plastic drum/barrels.
We are looking for a king size headboard
Due to leaving an abusive relationship last spring I had to start over in every way imaginable. Its been a huge struggle and very costly. I'm looking to paint and produce my artworks again. I need paints, chalks, canvas boards, yarn, beads, basically anything scrap or just sitting around I'd love to try to turn into art. If you aren't sure if I would want what you have just send a message and I...
Hello. I'm in need of a dresser. If you have one please let me know.
Hello. I'm looking for a desk & chair. If you have either please let me know.
- dairy door : ours broke when we moved in and they have never replaced it -crisper drawer (1) - there is a small crack in ours and I didn't realize how expensive these will be to replace so looking for anyone who has extra or is getting rid of a fridge they would let me pick parts from. Could essentially haul it away in our truck if this would seal the deal . thanks in advance
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